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Ex-Ett: Multi Objectives Expected Transmission Time for An Improved Link Quality Estimation

Accurate and efficient wireless link quality evaluation in wireless networks is crucial in ensuring a good end-to-end network performance. However, due to the dynamic nature of the wireless mobile networks, estimating the link quality proves to be a challenge. This paper includes, a new link quality evaluation procedure that jointly considers the MAC (media access control) throughput and PHY (physical layer) characteristics for a more accurate link quality estimation. Our algorithm, termed as Extended Expected Transmission Time (Ex- ETT), is implemented depended on IEEE 802.11 and shows a momentous enhancement, higher than 80%, in terms of link quality estimation accuracy. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithm is demonstrated by an improved end-to-end routing decisions in the network. The numerical results display that, comparing with traditional method, the proposed Ex-ETT method lead to a better routing decisions in wireless mobile scenarios. Keywords- Link quality estimation, rate optimization, informa- tion collection