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Face Recognition using Artificial Neural Network

Although there are several face recognition methods are available, but all the methods do not extract the unique features of the image such as eyes, lips, eye brows and outline of the face. And, the current datasets were captured in the lab, they may lack important phenomena that occur in real face images. But, we designed and implement the technique of Back propagation Neural Network for Face Recognition System. The main reason for using this technique is that its implementation is feature based and relatively fast compared to other available techniques. Basically, in this method, there are two masks, one for detecting image derivatives in X direction and the other for detecting image derivatives in Y direction. To find edges, an image is convolved with both masks, producing two derivative images (dx and dy). Keywords- 1. Face Detection, 2. Face Implementation, 3. Principal Component Analysis, 4. Kohonen Feature Maps, 5. Back propagation Neural Network, 6. Face Recognition.