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Color Mapped 3D Shape Visualization for Brain Hippocampus Images

In this paper we presented a color mapping according to the hippocampus shape of brain MR images. Many researchers have been doing quantitative analysis of hippocampus during the late period. When the clinician reads out the MR image promptly and diagnoses it, the shape of the color mapping hippocampus is required. Conventionally the medical color images were visualized according to the brightness/intensity. However, we performed a new color mapping by two methods in this study. First, looking at the central axis of the hippocampus, from this, we found the edge pixels where the vertical plane meets, and performed color mapping according to the distance from the center axis. In the second, we found the head and tail of the hippocampus and drew a line, and the distance from the line to the edge of the vertical plane was calculated and mapped into color. Finally, the color visualization of hippocampus was obtained in good results. If it is used in clinical practice, it can be used easily and precisely because it can see the exactly shape of hippocampus at a glance. Index Terms - Color mapping, 3D shape, hippocampus, MRI images, quantitative analysis, visualization