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Stabilized Mixed Finite Element Analysis For Heat Flow Inside Industrial Furnaces With Horizontal Burners

We propose a stabilized mixed finite element approach for the numerical simulation of heat transfer inside industrial furnaces with horizontal burners. The emphasis in this study is on large furnaces used for glass processing at moderate temperatures. The governing equations consist of thermal incompressible Navier-Stokes equations subject to the Boussinesq approximation to account for the changes in density. The numerical solver is based on combining the modified technique of characteristics with a Galerkin finite element discretization of the equations in primitive variables. It can be interpreted as a fractional step method where the convective part and the Stokes/Boussinesq part are treated separately. This solver avoids projection techniques and does not require any special correction for the pressure. We verify the method for a furnace with a single side operation of burner and with both sides operation of burners installed on the walls of the furnace. The proposed stabilized finite element method has been found to be feasible and satisfactory. Keywords - Heat Transfer inside Industrial Furnaces, Mixed Finite Element Method.