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Split the Web- Boost the Commerce

The World Wide Web should be split into two. Part A: conceptualized and designed for e-commerce, and rest Part B. I like give name to part A, calling it ggg (Great Global Grid). With rising volumes, internet of things and increasing dependence on the net, a time has come for a critical look at fundamentals from management and societal perspective. ggg may be one possible course of action. ggg will be different from www in many respects. One of these is complete traceability. Complete traceability: We will be able to find who did what, from where, for every transaction in ggg. All access points will have unique numbers. All devices capable of accessing internet will bear unique numbers given by the suppliers. This will hold good for laptops, notebooks, cell phones, televisions. Someday, if you are in a position to put together on your own a device to access the net, you will need to get a unique number. If a device is used by multiple persons, the user will be identified by a biometric verification of say her thumb. Who, what, when and where will be known for everything. The article defines ggg and identifies features to distinguish it from www.