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Evolving A Small Software Organization’s Project Management Process to CMMI Level 2 using Scrum

The rapid pace of change in information technology has caused increasing frustration to the heavyweight plans, specifications, and other documentation imposed by contractual inertia and maturity model compliance criteria [1]. Struggling with these challenges, many software organizations start to adopt Scrum which is one of the most used agile methods. It is useful for software organizations to update their software development process based on CMMI for a more disciplined process base without losing their agility using Scrum. This paper is to draw on a real-world use case on a software group which meets the definition of a small organization whose product portfolio covers a variety of products including embedded components and remote monitoring systems for heavy construction machinery. A case study is presented wherein the organization has embarked on a software improvement initiation for one of their projects to conform to CMMI Level 2 requirements while simultaneously transitioning the same team to implement Scrum. A significant output of this work is a functional mapping between the elements of Scrum and the goals and practices of CMMI Level 2 to demonstrate that the software development processes as defined by the Scrum fulfill the requirements of a CMMI Level 2 project. Keywords - Software Engineering, Software Process Improvement, Agile Methods, Scrum, Capability Maturity Model Integration, CMMI, Project Management Process, Small Software Development Organizations.