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Exposure of TCP-ICCW Congestion Mechanism for Reliable Communication in Computer Networks

The TCP/IP congestion control mechanism becomes essential to ensure the reliable communication, where data sending rate is larger than the underlying link capacity. Therefore, more sophisticated techniques are required to implement for Quality of Service (QoS) of data which ultimately holds reliable communication in different types of networks (wired/wireless). In this article, we propose a technique to extend the functionality of TCP-ICCW (Initial Constant Congestion Window) regarding throughput, data sending rate, data loss and latency or delay during congestion. The TCP-ICCW presents two different thresholds (Sμ, SF) for increasing the sending rate of the data to prevent it from link congestion. The comparative analysis done for a TCP-ICCW mechanism with the other TCP variants outperforms in data integrity and accuracy over different types of networks. Index terms - Congestion control, QoS, wireless networks, wired networks, reliable communication.