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Fuzzy Logic Model for Port Operations

The aim of this study was modelling of formed operating capacity of Mersin Port depending on annual handling quantity. Being of model variables complex and inappreciable required that the system should be examined by fuzzy logic approach. When compared traditional approaches, fuzzy logic is the approach which impressively explains relationship between input and output variables. Fuzzy logic approach is based on definition of relationship between variables with formed fuzzy rule base by fuzzication of numeric values belonging to input and output variables and obtaining a crisp value by defuzzication of output value generated in the system. For this study, while input variables were annual loading and unloading quantities, output variable was capacity usage ratio of the port. Model is proposing a fuzzy relation between annual handling amount of port and formed port capacity, and describing variation of port capacity as proportional. Furthermore, the model maximizes effectiveness of port operating by planning of annual target handling amount for port considering formed capacity.