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Image Retrieval System Using Sketches & Images

The Image retrieval system the most popular search areas of the digital image processing. Google is the most of search available images tools. Image search, are based on text-Based search of images. The performances of these systems are not satisfactory. The goal of Image Revival System is to extract visual content of an image automatically, like color, texture, or shape. This paper aims to introduce the problems and challenges concerned with the design and the creation of Image retrieval system , which is based on a free hand sketch (Sketch based image retrieval). The revolutionary internet and digital technologies have imposed a need to have a system to organize abundantly available digital images for easy categorization and retrieval. The need to have aversatile and general purpose image retrieval (IR) system for a very large image database has attracted focus of many researchers of information-technology-giants and leading academic institutions for development of IR techniques. These techniques encompass diversified areas, viz. image segmentation, image feature extraction representation, mapping of features to semantics, storage and indexing, image similarity-distance measurement and retrieval - making IR system development a challenging task. The paper addresses and analyses challenges & issues of IR techniques/systems, evolved during recent years covering various methods for segmentation; edge, boundary, region, color, texture, and shape based feature extraction; object detection and identification. The state of the art techniques are reviewed and future scope is cited.