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Study And Analysis Of Various Approaches For Malware Detection And Identification

There is a continuous ever-growing arm race between the security defenders and the malware writers in introducing new techniques of malware detection and its evasion. Any new technique introduced and adopted by the anti-malware community is immediately responded by an effective evasion technique by the malware community. Understanding the pros and cons of various approaches of malware detection and identification is very essential to win the arm race. Each approach suffers specific evasion technique but at the same time has its own benefits too. A technique which uses a combination of approaches that complement each other by bringing out the detection capability of an approach and nullifying the evasion techniques of another will best suit today’s need of security. The paper studies and analyses various techniques used for malware detection and identification. It categorizes the malware detection techniques into four quadrants based on the basic approach they adopt. It reflects upon each of these categories and their effectiveness so that a combined, more effective approach of malware detection might be found out.