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Different Image Encryption And Decryption Techniques And Ka Image Cryptography

In addition focuses on image encryption techniques, As the use digital techniques for transmitting and storing images are increasing, it becomes an important issue that how to protect the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of images. This paper focuses mainly on the different kinds of image encryption and decryption techniques and a new technique to encrypt image so that image can become secure. There are various techniques which are discovered and developed from time to time to encrypt/decrypt the images to make images more secure. In this paper a Survey of Different Image Encryption and encryption techniques that are existing is given. It additionally focuses on the functionality of Image encryption and decryption techniques and a KA encryption technique. KA Image cryptography is new approach In image cryptography which will be very helpful to improve image encryption. KA Technique Encrypt the image in two steps. First apply different operation on image rows and column wise pixels. And then divide whole image in Different parts and then apply different operation.