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Wireless Reception For Microcontroller Based Sensor Networks

This paper presents the emergence of antennas with the development in the wireless technology. Communication with sensors is becoming part of our daily life. In this paper proposed a technique of data reception, data processing and data display. Understanding microcontroller and its use for this purpose were of prime importance in this application. Antenna forms a major component of any wireless transmission. A successful emerging trend in the wireless communication is the smart-antenna systems. A smart antenna system employs multi-element antenna arrays that can automatically adjust to a dynamic signal environment. Therefore design and fabrication of micro strip antennas was undertaken. HFSS is the industry wide software for design and simulation of such antennas. This software was therefore used to design the micro strip patch antenna. The frequency used for the designing of antenna was 0.9 Ghz. The performance of the antenna was checked for both direct feed and inset feed.