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The Need, Use, Analysis And Efficiency Of Intrusion Detection System In Web-Based Environment

This Paper discusses about the vulnerabilities happening in a Web based environment. Initially we present an overview about the current stage of the Intrusion Detection Techniques. Then we propose four new approaches (techniques) to overcome the difficulties in existing system. The technique named SOL – IDS is meant to ensure Windows and SQL authentication called Mixed Mode Authentication. The second technique FTP – IDS is to provide special login / logout wizard by means of FTP session management. In the third Technique ROLE BASED IDS the user can be defined with Roles to access the resources. In the last technique Fingerprint Authentication, we propose a new Pattern Matching Algorithm named “WriteGIF Encoder” and “WriteGIF Pattern Matcher” to encode pictures in image based on the density. These techniques are to be used in various project management activities involved in IT field applicable to all Web Domain.