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Conflict Management Model Using Functional Reactive Programming In Software Defined Networking

The objective of the research paper is to propose a conflict management model using functional reactive programming technique in Conflict Aware Software Defined Networking (CA-SDN). The OpenFlow architecture of software defined network has many serious limitations in the number of devices connected to the network over a given period of time and also on the limited number of packet flow during any interval of time. A Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) technique is proposed to handle such conflict situations where more number of devices requesting for the same data within the same period. The various compliances are checked towards solving the network management problems and challenges using a Conflict Solving Server. This model focuses on local and global software solutions to the various critical types of conflicts using the proposed Conflict Aware Propositional Directed Acyclic Graph (CAP-DAG) method. The scalability and reliability of the proposed compliance aware network can be validated through the software management policies.