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MKM Formula To Calculate E-Learning

The mostly growing and cheapest learning technique in today’s world is E-Learning. With the accelerating trend of technology and with the motto to “Education for All”, E-Learning is making its space in today’s world. No doubt it will be very vital tomorrow, but it can’t replace face-to-face teaching. Every human has his own understanding and logic developing capability after reading an article. So, E-Learning can’t provide cent percent understanding of the contents to everyone who goes through it. The question always remains in mind that “How much did I learn from the materials provided?” Taking few factors in to consideration like Total Pages (P), Total Figures (F), Total Lines (L), Time per page (T) and the last factor is Remembering Capacity (B) into consideration we can approximately find amount of data a reader can remember after the process of E-Learning. Here we are suggesting the mechanisms to enhance the remembering capacity and better designing of the E-Learning modules. It will be helpful for both the parties i.e. one who is designing the material and the other, who is reading that. Hence here we provide the formula so called “MKM” or Manish Kumar Majumdar’s formula to find how much a reader has understood after performing E-Learning.