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Comparative Study Of Block Matching Algorithms For Motion Estimation

In video compression, we remove the temporal redundancyand spatial redundancy by using Hybrid Video Codec. In encoder part of Hybrid Codec, we find the motion vector(MV) of the candidate block of current frame in reference frame using block based motion estimation technique. Motion estimation (ME) is to be done in the encoder side to find the best MV so that it can be applied on stored frames by motion compensated block to generate the predicted video in video compression. Various fast search techniques are employed to find the best matching point i.e. best motion vector(MV) in reference frame. In this paper we have reviewed in brief already implemented various block based motion estimation techniques namely full search (FS),two Dimensional Logarithmic search(2DLS), three step search(TSS), diamond search algorithm (DSA), Cross Search(CS),Binary Search(BS), Hexagonal Search Pattern(HXSP), Adaptive Rood Pattern Search(ARPS) etc. We also try to review their performance based on the number of searching points and PSNR.