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Wireless Sensor Networks using Zigbee For Logistics

A network consisting of sensors such as temperature, pressure and sound are densely distributed to monitor physical or environmental conditions such a network is known as WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK (WSN). The sensor data is transmitted to network coordinator which is the heart of the wireless personal area network. In the latest developments, actuators and sensors are combined to form a wholesome system. ZigBee is newly developed technology that works on IEEE standard 802.15.4. The low data rates, low power consumption and low cost are its features. WSN is includes the ZigBee co-ordinator, ZigBee router and ZigBee end device. The sensor node’s information in the network is sent to the coordinator, the coordinator collects the sensor’s data, stores the data in memory, processes the data, and routes the data to the appropriate node. Keywords - Wireless Sensor Network, ZigBee, Routing, Protocols, Coordinator