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Novel Architecture Of Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Network By Using Mobile Agent

Wireless sensor network is combination of a large number of sensor nodes which are based on three technologies: sensing, processing and communication. In the basic scenario of wireless sensor network, it becomes difficult for the sink node to collect data from all the sensor nodes that are deployed in the network. In such case, more energy is consumed by all the sensor nodes and there may be replication problem produced on the sink node. To avoid such energy consumption and replication problem, we proposed a cluster-based wireless sensor network by using mobile agent. Particularly, in the case of wireless sensor networks, mobile agent act as an intermediate between sink node and all source nodes/cluster-heads and these are deliberately built into the system to improve the lifetime of the network. This paper describe the architecture in which mobile agent act as an intermediate between sink node and cluster-head by providing single traffic flow between both the nodes. In this paper, the sequence number technique is evolved with the mobile agent to avoid the problem of data replication.