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Performance Evaluation of Multiple Rates Flying Ad-Hoc Networks using Ricean Fading

An effort has been made to illustrate the performance of the Ricean fading channel models by using QualNet simulator in terms of QoS parameters. A scenario has developed here for the Ricean fading channels, with various parameters. The parameters such as data rate and speed of nodes play very important role in the performance analysis and design of the flying ad-hoc network over the multipath fading environment. The impact of fading on network throughput, jitter, end to end delay, packet loss ratio and packet delivery ratio is explored in this paper. Results show the performance evaluation of ad-hoc network without fading environment and with Rayleigh fading in different scenarios. Experimental results have been carried out by using simulation tool QualNet (version- 6.1). Keywords - Ad-hoc Network, FANET, QOS Parameters, Data Rate, Fading Models.