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Performance Analysis of Flying Ad Hoc Network with Different Antennas using Rayleigh Fading

In the context of FANET, use of directional antenna can largely reduce the radio interference, thereby improving the utilization of wireless medium and consequently the network throughput. Performance of FANET is low under the Omni-directional antenna systems compared to smart antenna system when Rayleigh fading model is used. Directional antenna cover large area and transmit large no of packets because it focus in desired direction accordance with mobility of nodes while Omni-directional antennas cover small area and less number of packets as compared to Smart Antenna System(SAS).In this paper the performance of various parameters by using Smart Antenna System(SAS) is analysed in FANET. The performance parameters include throughput, jitter, end to end delay, PDR and PLR in FANET with smart antenna system (SAS) and Omni-directional antenna system in different fading environment. Then the comparison of the parameters of Omni-directional antenna and directional antenna is done. Keywords - Directional Antenna, Fading Channel, FANET, Rayleigh Fading.