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Study on Security Levels in Cloud Computing

Organization’s adapt to cloud computing is increasing rapidly as it offers many potential benefits to small and medium scale firm such as fast deployment, pay-for-use, low costs, scalability, rapid provisioning, rapid elasticity, pervasive network access, greater flexibility, and on-demand security controls. Beside its advantages, cloud computing has its own major disadvantages which is obstructing in moving cloud to vogue. Major concern on cloud computing is data and its security. Security attacks are at various levels in cloud computing which is becoming very difficult to handle with. The levels of cloud computing security include Network level, Host Level, and Application level. This paper demonstrates various possible attacks at each level of cloud computing security. It also helps in understanding the necessary measures required to be taken in order to get rid of the attacks. Keywords - Cloud Computings; Security Levels; Phishing Attack; Malware Injection; FASP; Hypervisor; DNSSEC; Virtual Server; VMware .