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High-Performance Enterprise MDM Platform

The early generation of Master Data Management (MDM) tools were focused on solving the core problems around managing data. In financial markets MDM solutions built for financial benchmarks are vital and of systemic importance to the global financial and economic structures. In an increasingly real time connected world, milliseconds can mean millions of dollars to customers. High Performance solutions built on MDM platform can systematically shave off time from MDM activities as well as support near instantaneous propagation of data to multiple federated systems. High Performance MDM solutions have particular importance in financial markets as they contain real-time data i.e. Financial Benchmark data, Reference data which are to be used in high performance trading or algorithmic trading. These MDM solutions have to manage continuous changes and ensure high-level of transparency and governance for financial institutions. High Performance MDM solutions cover hardware, messaging, software configuration and data structures, and involve systematic iterations to bring down latency across the entire system. To provide low latency or high-performance MDM solutions at the enterprise level, the architecture of the platform has to consider processing and computing of the operations and analytics of data both at the central offices as well as at offices located in the remote areas. This is possible only with high speed data processing and connectivity of their respective data centers. To achieve high speeds, these data centers have to be built on cluster of clusters architecture over Compute-Communicate Continuum Technology [5] (CCC-T) Nodes.