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Usability Analysis and Interface user Design for Improving user Experience using Heuristic Evaluation Method on the Website (

Website is one form of e-Government implementation. Most government websites have monotonous, boring look, and sometimes even difficult for users to use. One factor that can affect the number of visitors on the website is user convenience factor (user experience). There are several methods to evaluate website usability, one of them is heuristic evaluation method. This paper will discuss about heuristic evaluation as a method used to determine the level of improvement needed on the focusing on the user interface and giving suggestions for further improvements based on the severity of the website. Analysis is done to find out how far the level of user experience in terms of the website usability at this time and as a material for improving the website in terms of user experience. The results show that based on interface design and usability evaluation on, the website is not good enough and unable to meet the ten criterias of heuristic evaluation method. Keywords - Heuristic Evaluation, User Interaction, User Experience, Usability