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Survey of Localization Techniques on Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks - A Brief Study

The advantage of being Ad-hoc and Infrastructure less in nature, wireless sensor networks gained its attention of many researchers. Sensor nodes are low power and low energy devices. The most prominent task of sensor nodes is gathering data, processing it and finally relay it to the destination. Relaying data can be Single hop in case of Source and Sink node direct connection and Multi-hop if the information passes through intermediate nodes from the source to sink. For sending information to the target , need to identify the position of Sensors. In wireless Sensor Networks location of nodes can be identified using localization techniques. Concept of Localization is used for position determination and Routing. GPS is accurate in location estimation but expensive and not accurate in indoor environments. There are many other Localization algorithms proposed for Wireless Sensor Networks. Index Terms - Wireless Sensor Networks, Sensor Nodes, Classification of Localization Techniques.