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V.I.C.T.O.R. – Introduction (Virtual Intelligence Created for Trained and Observed Response)

The world is growing and so the technology around us is becoming better in order to cope-up with our needs so that we can run our days better and can do efficient progress in order to bring up the best for ourselves. But the huge demand for an assistant is a need for everyone who can do things and can suggest decisions suited best for its user and can relate and process things in real time with fruitful results. Moreover, the need for an intelligence that can help us in developing new platforms for development and carrying out a massive amount of work is felt commonly by many individuals. So in order to come over with this problem and to take the technology to the very next level, many attempts have been made to develop a smart application and assistants which have been appreciated in the recent times. But we are taking the technology to another level by developing an AI that can fulfill the task of Assistant, Security System, Expert System and can respond according to the user’s thoughts with the fulfillment of all the operating system features. Keywords – Artificial Intelligence, Super-Intelligence, Humanoid computer Intelligence, real-time decision system.