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Reinforcing The Security In India’s Voting Process Through Biometrics

India is a democratic country, here people plays a major role in electing the right person through elections. Now a day’s elections are conducted exclusively through electronic voting machines developed by the government based companies. And these devices are nothing but the India’s EVM’S which are famous for the characteristics like simple design, ease of use, reliability, fast accessing but recently they are criticized for the following widespread election irregularities reports. Despite of these irregularities the design of the EVM is not disclosed publically so that they prone into many attacks by the intruders and the evaluation of the independent security are not subjected to rigorous. Many of the researchers made a survey on the EVM’s inorder to provide the security but they are tend to fail in the aspect of the valid voter i.e. we have the system that the voter with an identity card can exercise the vote but lack of the photo clarity or any other reason invalid votes have been exercised by the invalid voters. In this paper we made an attempt for finding the solution theoretically to the above problem by introducing the biometric system for providing authentication whether the voter is valid or not. This paper helps to reduce the crime rate and fraud rate and helps to keep our country in the top most position.