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Study And Analysis Of Serial Rapidio Interface In T4240

There is growing need for processors that provide adequate support for complex interfaces and compute intensive operations. QorIQ T-series of processors provide support for such interfaces. However, there is a growing need to replace its existing Peripheral Component Interconnect-Express (PCI-E) with the next generation Serial RapidIO interface technology to provide higher bandwidth and better system concurrency. With this backdrop, the specifications of T4240 and its interface support for RapidIO have been analyzed and it is observed that by superseding PCI-E (Gen 3) with RapidIO (Gen 3), the bandwidth increased from 32Gbps to 40Gbps. RapidIO enabled processors are therefore better suited for performance intensive operations such as in aerospace and military where precision demands prominence and speed assumes gigantic proportions. Additionally SRIO technology has the potential to enable highly scalable next generation DataCenter designs as well as BigData solutions where one of the critical needs is a highly scalable low latency fabric architecture.