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Recoverable Concealed Data Aggregation Using Shared Key Signature In Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor networks are undoubtedly one of the largest growing types of networks today. Wireless sensor networks consist of large number of sensor nodes with sensing and communication capabilities. The main goal of data aggregation algorithms is to gather and aggregate data in an energy efficient manner so that network lifetime is enhanced. In privacy homomorphism encryption, the base station only retrieves the aggregated result, not individual data, which causes two problems. First, the usage of aggregation functions is constrained. Second, the base station cannot confirm data integrity and authenticity via attaching message digests or signatures to each sensing sample. To overcome the above two drawbacks, the base station can recover all sensing data even these data has been aggregated. This property is called “recoverable”. In this paper, we are going to recover the concealed data aggregation for authenticity and data integrity in wireless sensor networks. The aim of the project is to use shared key signature algorithm for providing security and authenticity in wireless sensor network. This technique is an enhancement over existing encryption and signature verification algorithms. Here the key used for each sensor is shared for these algorithms. It reduces memory usage and delay in communication.