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An Incentive based Scoring Mechanism for Selfish Node Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

Selfish nodes in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) can greatly degrade the performance of all nodes by blocking routes and unbalancing data forwarding load on network nodes. The nodes’ selfishness in a wireless network can be addressed by reputation based or credit-incentive based mechanisms. The credit-incentive based mechanisms are said to be more effective as such are used for stimulation of nodes rather than blockage of targeted nodes. In this paper a new scoring technique is introduced to develop an incentive based mechanism. Various features of network nodes are considered while defining a scoring technique which is further used for data transfer among multi-hops in the network. The primary concern of incentive based mechanism is to stimulated the network nodes for cooperation with one another. Initial analysis show that the mechanism is effective and can be incorporated in any WSN for handling selfish nodes in the network. Index Terms - WSN, Routing, Incentive based, Selfish nodes, Wireless Sensor Networks, Node Stimulation.