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Smart Parking System using Batch Algorithms Cloud Computing and IoT

Innovative smart parking system works on sensor based IOT technology and cloud computing data collection to direct the driver to the particular parking spot. This paper implements an agile algorithm that improves the efficiency of the present cloud-based parking system and builds a network architecture based on the IOT technology. This paper introduces a system that helps users find a parking space at the least cost based on new efficiency constraints to calculate the user parking cost by considering the dimensions and the total number of free spaces in each car park. This cost will be used to offer a solution of finding an available parking space upon a request by the user and a solution of suggesting a new car park if the current car park is full. The simulation results convey that the algorithm helps improve the stability of successful parking and minimizes the user waiting time at the same time avoiding congestion. We also successfully implemented the algorithm virtually. Existing systems implement first come first serve algorithms to allocate parking space to cars which arrive to parking space, hence wasting a lot of space at the time costing efficiency to the parking lot. The proposed algorithm first sorts the cars based on their size, hence efficiently using the space available and balancing load at the parking side. Also separating the parking space for both large and small cars can help improve the parking congestion and price per space utility factor. The algorithm uses batch algorithms knowingly used in operating systems to arrange tasks and processes in an effective manner. It divides the cars into small and large categories alike the processes in operating systems, which helps to deal with the cars better. The whole system is also backed by low power IOT hardware like Arduino® Uno, Node MCU® ESP8266, ZigBee networks and cloud computing solutions like Google© Firebase® and Thing Speak®. Keywords - Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IOT), Smart Parking, Batch Algorithm, Load Balancing, Remote Management, ZigBee Network, Arduino.