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Similarity of Optimal Solution between Classical and Robust Ranking Approach in Fuzzy Integer Programming Problems using Trapezoidal Membership Functions

Linear programming is intended to take care of crisp parameters, and however data regarding reality world systems is usually offered with in the style of imprecise descriptions. Fuzzy strategies are designed to handle imprecise terms, and are most suited to finding optimum solutions to issues with imprecise parameters. Throughout this article, solving procedure absolutely think about Fuzzy Integer Programming Problem with the support of trapezoidal membership functions and its arithmetic operations. Solving procedure has been applied from the approach of fuzzy Linear Programming problem and then extends the problem into two cases, first case discussed about Gomary’s cutting plane in terms of fuzziness and also the second case discussed about the problem with Robust ranking approach. The fuzzified version of the problem has been mentioned with the assistance of a numerical example associated it is proving that the classical and Robust ranking approach offer an efficient tool for handling the Integer programming problem. Finally the comparison analysis of optimal solution was given with in the nature of fuzzy membership functions. Keywords— Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers and its arithmetic operations, Fuzzy Linear Programming Problem, Fuzzy Integer Programming Problem, Robust Ranking approach. MSC 2010: 90C05, 90C30, 90C70, 90C90