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UAMPP: Unauthorized Access Model For Peer–To–Peer System

Abstract- According to the peer-to-peer (P2P) sociality, an expert-driven multi-semantic unauthorized access model for peer-to-peer semantic community model is built in this paper to introduce UAMPP to decrease malicious activity in a P2P system by establishing trust relations among peers in their proximity. No prior Information or a trusted peer is used to leverage trust establishment. Peer do not try to collect trust information from all peer, each peer develops its own local view of trust about the peers interacted in the past. In this way, good peers form dynamic trust groups in their proximity and can isolate malicious peers. Calculated trust information is not global and does not reflect options of all peer. Classifying peers as either trustworthy or untrustworthy is not sufficient in most cases. Metrics should have precision so peers can be ranked according to trustworthiness. Keywords- P2P system, UAMPP, Security