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Avionics Control Using 3D Gestures

Gestures can communicate a whole world of a meaning in the most natural way. Unfortunately, there’s still some way to go before it becomes the primary way by which we communicate with the computers. This paper is intended as a contribution to the emerging application of cognitive science of 3D gestures in the field of avionics and evaluate 3D gesture technology as secondary modality to improve task productivity, heads up time and user experience. The implementation of the proposal involved developing a prototype for the PC and the flight simulator which establishes the use of gesture recognition in future aircrafts. The prototype recognizes gestures and in response executes certain flight commands which otherwise were issued by the cursor control devices (CCDs). Then it makes use of the existing Honeywell Proprietary platform to execute the flight commands according to the appropriate gesture as detected by the 3D gesture recognition devices like Kinect, Prime Sense, and MGC3130. Keywords- Gesture Recognition; Interaction Modality; Cursor Control Devices (Ccds); Display Units (Dus); Ccd Simulator