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Authentication Model For Cloud Computing Using Single Sign-On

Cloud computing is a way to provide IT resources with the help of internet in a pay-on-use pattern. In spite of the various benefits of using cloud still there exists many vulnerabilities in cloud security which hinders its adoption. The security in cloud is limited to network and application securities. There is a need to establish a system to authenticate the cloud users while he is attempting to access the cloud services within the bounds of the SLA between the cloud provider and the user. The existing system provides authentication based on keys Encryption algorithms either symmetric key-based or asymmetric are key-based. Encryption management is the main problem. This paper proposes a secure authentication and authorization in Cloud Environment with the help of an optimized infrastructure using SL(Single Login).SL is a process gaining access to multiple resources using a single authentication that aims at reducing number of login and password in heterogeneous environment and to have an overall balance in Security, Efficiency and Usability. The authentication model based on the Kerberos protocol to provide single Login and to prevent DDOS attacks is also presented in this paper. Keywords- Security, DDOS, Cloud Computing, Encryption, Sign-on, Kerberos.