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Static Detection of Unsafe Component Loadings on Windows

Static Component loading is an important mechanism for computer software development. It enables a program, to use its exported functionalities and link a Dll Component. Component loading is a system by which a pc program are able to run at run-time, fill a collection into memory, recall the parameters and functions included in the library, and run those functions, and link the library from recollection. Static Detection of unsafe component loadings of software component is a technique used to achieve flexibility and modularity in software. This paper presents the first static analysis technique aiming to detect all possible loading-related errors. The main challenge is how to compute what components may be loaded at specific program locations. Our main view is that this information is determined locally from the component loading memory locations. In particular, we determine all application and system software running in the system, then we compute all specific DLL components and by using static technique, we evaluate specific unsafe DLL components. For evaluation, we implemented our technique to detect vulnerable and unsafe component loadings on popular software application on Microsoft Windows. Keywords- Software Engineering, Dynamic Loading, Component Based Testing, Software Testing, System Software, Vulnerability.