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SMAC: Revolutionary Technology & Security: Rip?

SMAC is the latest hype in the IT world and it is absolutely revolutionary. It’s a Technology Ecosystem of Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud. It is creating mammoth event for those who are embarrassing it by overlooking the Security pitfalls that SMAC Technologies offer. As companies coin new relationships with SMAC, it’s principal that they review their contracts to secure data rights, protect data with contractual, operational and legal defenses; and manage the charted risks that can come with heap, analyzing, evaluating, adjutant and acting on SMAC-generated data. The more data a company collects on SMAC, the greater is the risk that the data will be exposed. This paper discusses the various Security escape clauses of SMAC and the move to fix them. Keywords- SMAC, Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Security, Information Technology, Ecommerce.