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Smart Gloves for Disabled People

Each year, new technologies rise and fall, sometimes making an impact on our daily lives and other times barely leaving a trace. One category of emerging technologies that has the widest variety is the Internet of Things or IoT. IoT is regarded as hard-core for integrating various sensors, microcontrollers and all sorts of communication protocols and lays the foundation for futuristic communication standard i.e. Human-Things Interaction. Taking huge leaps in technologies with each passing year, the humans are making smart inventions every year to help themselves and for the ones who are affected by any disability. Arduino is a microcontroller for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control objects in the physical and digital world. Arduino board designs use a variety of microprocessors and controllers. The proposed work aims to solve the daily challenges faced by the people, who are unable to speak (dumb) or one who has recently undergone an accident and is unable to speak. It can also be used by elderly people, who find difficulty in speaking. With this wearable smart glove, dumb people or patient can easily communicate by just tapping the points on the glove by their thumb that results in 12 different commands that are both audible audio and image on any Android smartphone via an app. This can also be used in automation of day to day things like home appliances and many more. Keywords - Smart Gloves, Microcontroller, IoT, Arduino Nano, Mobile App