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A Survey on Detecting Compromised Accounts on Social Networks using Anomalous user Behavior

Account Compromising may be a serious threat to users of Online Social Networks (OSNs). Rather than analyzing user profile contents or message contents, Current system look for to uncover the behavioural anomaly of compromised accounts by exploitation their legitimate owners’ history group activity patterns, which may be determined in an exceedingly light-weight manner. To understand user all activity OSN give form of on-line options for his or her users to interact in, like building connections, sending messages, uploading photos, browsing friends’ latest updates, etc. However, however a user involves in every activity is totally driven by personal interests and social habits. Whereas a user tends to adapt to its social patterns, a hacker of the user account WHO is aware of very little regarding the user’s behavior habit is probably going to diverge from the patterns. This paper presents a completely unique technique to sight Account Compromisation as and once it happens by identification on-line social behaviors. Keywords - Online Social Networks, Cybercrime, Network Security