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Peano and Minkowski Hybrid Fractal Antenna for Wireless Applications

In this article, performance of peano and minkowski curves based antenna is designed to analysis the effect of behavior of antenna performance. In this prototype, antenna conductor patch increased through joining Minkowski curve at the end of peano fractal geometry. Hybrid fractal antenna has multiband and wide band in characteristics. Proposed hybrid fractal antenna is designed on FR4 material and dielectric constant value is 4.4. Peano fractal geometry is selected because it increased the patch length with space filling property. The Minkowski curve is popular for multiband performance of antenna. Size of hybrid fractal antenna is 34x42x1.6 mm3. Owing to hybridization of two fractal curves, antenna has operated at four resonant frequencies and VSWR is also < 2 at every resonant frequencies. Radiation characteristics of antenna is almost omni directional and acceptable value of gain. There are some other parameters such as reflection coefficient, VSWR, radiation pattern and current distribution are calculated. Maximum value of bandwidth is 960MHz and peak gain is 6.7 dB at 2.0GHz. Furthermore, proposed antenna is useful for GPS (1.57GHz), satellite communication (2.30GHz), 3G cellular mobile(1.90-1.98GHz), Terrestrial Communication (1.45GHz-1.49GHz) and AWS Advance wireless Services(2.11-2.15GHz) and Hiper-Lan2 (High Performance Radio Local Area Network Type-2) (2.12–2.32 GHz). Keywords - Peano, Minkowski, GHz, VSWR, FR4, AWS