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Mitigating Cloud Security threats using Cloud Access Security Brokers

The importance of Network cloud is increasing and it is accepting a developing attention in the scientific and industrial communities. Cloud Computing has already started to revolutionize the method we store and access data. Security issues in Network cloud computing are some of the biggest concerns surrounding the technology. To promote cloud computing in a wide range of apps, security issues required to be resolved. Data breaches of cloud services are increasing every year due to hackers, who is always trying to exploit the security vulnerabilities of the architecture of cloud. Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) are one of the fastest growing security technologies, today because they provide cloud service visibility, data security, threat protection, and compliance. CASBs are an effective and easy way to mitigate the top cloud security threats and security practitioners look to trusted CASB suppliers as key accomplices to help exhort on key cloud security decisions. The research is to implement information dispersal algorithms to prevent Data Breaches using Cloud Access Security Brokers. Keywords - Network cloud, Security Issues, Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs), Information Dispersal Algorithm, Data Breaches.