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Technology Revolution gives Cybercrime a Boost: Cyber-Attacks and Cyber Security

We are living in digital era where technologies are retouched and proliferate rapidly day by day because of this whole society in fence with gadgets .Criminals are also encourage by technologies and crime is converted into cybercrime with the assistance of computers (Desktops), laptops, mobile phones, etc. To quest criminals and to get rid of cybercrime, a new branch of forensic science is introduced which Digital forensic science is thus encompassing the investigation, track evidence with the help of electronic media and recovery of materials found on digital devices. The nature of crime is still same but the way has changed completely now criminals are using technology to get close to victims instead of going in victims place. In this paper we will discuss about what is cybercrime, explore different categories of cyber-attacks, the Deep web and who digital forensic helps in detection and controlling in cybercrimes. We conclude our study by analyzing some modification required in present digital forensic model and proposed future actions that should be taken to tackle cyber-crime and harden cyber security. Keywords - Cybercrime, Cyber-Attacks, The Dark Web, Digital Forensic