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Real-Time Health Monitoring System based on IoT using Arduino and Android App

Monitoring medical parameters in critical, unpredictable and post operational days plays an important role. The probability of collapse and the consequences of conditions that cause danger to life are minimized due to real time and periodic health monitoring. Whenever a saline is fed to any patient, the patient needs to be continuously administered by a nurse or the caretaker. Because of the negligence and inattentiveness towards saline bottles by doctors, nurses or caretaker of the patients and lack of number of nurses with efficient skills in hospitals and their excessive workload, a large number of patients are dying and are being harmed in the hospitals. In this project various sensors communicate through a gateway which is basically an Arduino Uno R3 microcontroller. The sensor data is accessed by microcontroller and sent to the android application through Bluetooth. Therefore it procures a real time monitoring of the medical management parameters for doctors. The system sends a sound notification whenever the saline level is low to the concerned ward staff and also does an analysis based on the values taken from the heart rate and temperature sensors on daily basis. This analysis would indicate whether the patient needs further medical attention. This system is agile, efficient along with low power consumption capacity, time to time response, high performance and easy setup. This system can be utilized efficiently in homes as well as hospitals. Keywords - Arduino Uno R3 Microcontroller, Pulse Oximeter Sensor, Temperature Sensor LM35, LCD display, Saline, IR Sensor, Bluetooth Module.