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Ever Changing Business And Technology Landscape: Transformation Alternatives

Several key Organizations till today maintain large business critical legacy applications. This not only increases the cost of maintenance but also limits the agility of these organizations. This has become an impediment in meeting aspiring customer requirements, confront competition and support evolving regulatory requirements. To enable such organizations to reduce cost of ownership and gain agility to cater to the ever changing requirements of the market, aligning IT vision with business needs is of paramount importance. This ensures that IT delivers the competitive edge to the business. To meet this goal, a strategy to modernize existing legacy applications is a critical need of the hour. Depending on the evolution of the organization several options are available for modernizing existing legacy applications. Evaluation should consider contemporary and pioneering technologies such as service-oriented architecture, cloud computing and message based scaling of high throughput systems. Organizations opting for off the shelf solutions require to plan and think through the migration efforts. This calls for thorough evaluation of the solutions to ensure the right fit for the organization’s current and evolving strategy. This paper presents a survey of various approaches to migrating legacy systems to a newer technology platform. To aid the decision making process, various approaches, methods are reviewed and their strengths and weaknesses highlighted.