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Secure Hypervisor Technology For Protecting User Content In Cloud Environment By Using Fuzzy Techniques

Cloud computing is a forum to access the enormous amount of services by any users who resides on the web. There will be number of services available in cloud environment. However, people can consume any services which are offered by the cloud service provider still there will be an unsolved issue is security and privacy. Everything –as-a-service in cloud computing, even though cloud providing one among the service is security-as-a-service but, still users are afraid to keep their data without setting the individual user security parameters on the cloud. The latest technology or trend is, instead of stealing the content, data, confidential transaction information from different virtual machine, hackers are attempting to attack the entire hypervisor part. Because, all the applications are processing in virtual machine (guest OS) which resides on the hypervisor controller. Even though distinguished approaches, methodologies are coming with the new scope to prevent the user data in cloud we need to analyze and determine the security work product in an efficient manner. So, this proposed model bringing a new solution for adopting any cloud services without any fear by using the hypervisor technology along with the simulated and compared set of fuzzy functionalities. It will ensure that the rate of hypervisor stealing in different tool set along with the measurement policies to protect the cloud user’s data in a secured approach.