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Smart Eye for Blind

Our project is an innovative system for visually impaired people and can act as a voice aid for them. Our system has a custom messaging feature, with inbox and sent items, and also call log and dialer. All actions performed by the user, the system speaks out and assists the user to know his current position on phone screen. This system also includes an Object Detection and Emergency alert system. This system will allow the visually impaired to detect images which are in front of them so that they can get a sense of their surroundings and also allow users to alert their emergency contact when they feel the need to. The system in all is a smart assistant for whatever action the user has performed through a custom application. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and mobile computing, modern technology has brought more convenience to the blind and visually impaired people. The group of visually impaired persons are undergoing an inconvenient daily life without the assistance from their family or friends. They need an approach to get to know about the life outside their home and they desire to have access to internet and mobile services as a normal one. The objective of our System is to make their lives easier and much more independent so that they don’t always have to depend on others and create some normalcy in their lives. Keywords - Voice Assistant, Object Detection, Emergency System.