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Vertical Farm Management Analysis in Metropolitan Areas using IoT and Cloud

In modern agriculture the vertical farming sector is in a mature state of growth. Engagement with professional traders, entrepreneurs and customers that can cooperate in the development of business models will be critical to ensure that the sector takes positive steps to encourage commercial farmers to adopt Vertical Farming across various markets. The high-quality food produce will reach consumers in quick time and no brokers are required. Vertical farming establishes a dedicated connection between producers and consumers. The producers in urban areas utilize natural resources and are capable of growing leafy vegetables and so on in a confined space like containers, residence rooftops, balcony satisfying domestic demand by 30% as suggested by findings in India. India stands among the world's five biggest producers, accounting for more than 80% of agriculture products. This paper discusses detailed case study of successful vertical farming, necessary parameters for farm set up like roof tops that can produce approximately 1-acre land of food produce and residence related agriculture in metropolitan areas. Using Intelligent of Things, a producer can control sensors, dashboard, graphical interface that are used to monitor growth and health of plants, push and retrieve data using AWS green grass cloud service. Gecko IoT is used for automated solar power monitoring for 24/7 power backup. Keywords - Vertical Farming, Metropolitan, Food, Demand