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Secure Communication Against Malicious Deeds In Multicast Routing In Manet (Survey)

Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) has emerged as a new edge of technology to provide anywhere, anytime communication. Due to its deployment nature, MANETs are more susceptible to malicious attack. Due to the absence of centralized administration, security is the main issue in mobile Ad hoc network and attackers are very easily modified the actual behavior and performance of network. Security issues of MANETs in group (multicast) communications are even more challenging because of the involvement of multiple senders and multiple receivers. Although several types of security attacks in MANETs have been studied in the literature, the focus of earlier research was only on unicast (point-to-point) applications. The impacts of security attacks on multicast in MANETs have not yet been explored.. The main aim is to observe the performance of network and applied method to secure network against malicious deeds. In real life, such an altruistic attitude is more than often extremely difficult to realize and so we often find malicious nodes also present in the same network. Some of these are unknown nodes, which enter the network during its establishment or operation phase, while others may originate indigenously by compromising an existing node. Keywords- Mobile Ad -Hoc Networks, Multicasting, Security, Wormhole Attack.