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Energy Adaptive Variable Sensing Radii (EAVSR) Algorithm For Target Coverage To Increasing Network Lifetime In WSNS

One of the recent challenges in the wireless sensor network is the coverage of the specific sets of target in an area in an energy efficient manner. It deals with the sensing of data by tiny sensors and sending the sensed information to the base station for further processing. Sensor motes, which are of small in size, having limited memory which in turn has limited energy, and computational capacities and the energy is being consumed by sensing and transmission of data .So, judicious management of energy resources become very essential while achieving the optimal target area coverage .We are going to design an energy-efficient algorithm for it by applying variable sensing range. The proposed method uses the Grid based method to achieve the optimal target coverage and are much more secure and energy efficient. Keywords- Grid Based Method, Target Area Coverage, Variable Sensing Range, Wireless Sensor Networks.