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Survey Of Feature Identification In Client-Side Web Applications

Now-a-days, highly interactive and dynamic web applications are becoming increasingly popular. As, the web applications are of two types-Server Side and Client-side. The Server-Side web applications are more complex in nature than Client-side. Today's web development methods are not as advanced as software development practices. There is a need to improve the web development techniques. So there is a possibility to use potential software engineering principles like reusability, optimization, maintainability etc. in web development practices. This survey paper aim is to study the referenced approach which optimally finds out the implementation details of individual feature in Client-side web application and extracts that code for reuse in another web application. Also there seems to be a possibility to reduce the code size and optimize the code for improving the performance. Keywords- Feature, Feature Behaviour, Feature Location, Firecrow, Page Optimization, Program Slicing, Reuse, Web Application.