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Modified RSA Cryptographic Algorithm for Encryption and Decryption

Data is any type of stored digital information. Security is about the protection of assets. Information security alludes to defensive computerized protection quantifies that are applied to forestall unapproved admittance to PCs, individual information bases and sites. Cryptography is evergreen and developments. Cryptography guarantees clients by offering convenience to the encryption of data and confirmation of various customers. Pressure is the way toward diminishing the quantity of pieces or bytes expected to speak to a given arrangement of information. It allows saving more data. Cryptography is a mainstream methods of sending crucial data in a mystery way. There are many cryptographic techniques available and among them RSA is one of the most powerful techniques. The situation of present day of data security framework incorporates privacy, genuineness, honesty, non-renouncement. The security of correspondence is a vital issue on World Wide Web. It is about secrecy, respectability, validation during access or altering of private interior record. Keyword - Encryption, Decryption, Cryptography, Data Security, RSA Algorithm.